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Stink Bombs? What’s Next!?

It really scares me to think that people, in this case “the liberal left” are plotting terrorist attacks on the day of the inauguration. For a group of people who claim to be “tolerant and peace-loving” I am seeing so much intolerant talk and behavior. The term, “practice what you preach” must not apply to those on the Left. As we are all seeing what happens when they don’t get their way, they resort to bullying, damaging property, hateful speech just to name a few. There will never be a united front when so many act like spoiled rotten brats. It scares me to think this is our future for the next four years, constant chaos. So far, I haven’t seen any tolerance and before someone says well the Right threw a fit when Obama was elected, remember this one huge important fact, The Right did not boycott, did not damage property and riot in the streets, and The Right chugged along making the best of what was given. Maybe just maybe, the Left needs to slow their roll and see what transpires after the 20th before devising our country’s death sentence.

I’m all for free speech, the right to assemble and protest, but when you start making terroristic threats you should have your US card revoked!

Watch this video and see the insanity:


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