Category: My Weight Journey

First Week Down!!

It’s amazing what one week can do when you are focused! Starting this new program last Sunday, I was nervous but excited and extremely hopeful. I wasn’t disappointed as I stepped on the scales this morning for my “official” weigh in and found that I was down 11 […]

A Brand New Start Pt. 2

I can’t even begin to express the feeling of love and support I felt after just moments of posting my first entry on my new blog, I was overwhelmed by not just hearing from my family but even friends from back in high school, even my favorite […]

A Brand New Start

If you follow me on FaceBook, then you know my father recently suffered a massive stroke. It’s been really hard on my sister and I especially since we live 12 hours away. But after seeing my dad, who has always been the strong man in my life, lay there […]