Category: Lessons From The Side Chair

Why I Am Blogging

I’ve been dealing with a bit of writers block lately, actually have several posts in my draft file but nothing seems right. So I am tweaking this one, one of my first that explains why I am blogging again and why it’s so important to me.

Worst Judge Ever!

Have you ever thought you just can’t get it right? You just keep trying, but failing. It happens, to the best of us. We find we are our worst judge. I know in my own case, I am my worst judge. I always doubt myself, thinking I can’t do something or when I do accomplish something I usually convince myself that it’s not good enough, it could be better, no one will like it, or people will laugh. The list goes on and on.

Taboo Subjects and Prayer

Growing up in our home you didn’t talk about certain subjects. Sex or anything pertaining to sex was the major taboo subject. Even talking about what was happening to our bodies was not talked about. The day I got my period I knew what was happening,…..