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My Birthday Bash Bowling Comeback, Not!

I am learning as I become more mature, notice I didn’t say older, it’s more mature, never older, is that my body does not move like it use to! Oh in my mind it does, but it is rebelling against me and I don’t like it one bit!

This weekend we had a little family outing to celebrate my birthday. I thought, lets do something different, something I haven’t done in awhile, let’s go bowling! I use to love bowling, even bowled on a league at one time with the hubby. I would even go as far as saying I was a pretty good bowler. So I was excited to slip on those ugly bowling shoes and find the perfect standard ball to try my hand at the lanes once again! Since it was my birthday celebration I was first bowler, I promptly grabbed my ball, lined myself up on the dots and looked at those ten pins down the lane. I was ready for my bowling comeback! I made my first stride, brought my arm back, went to go release……and…….BAM! My feet felt like they hit cement. I mean they stopped dead. And with that, down I went…..hard! I’ll be honest, I don’t know which way I fell, it’s all a blur, all I know is one minute I was looking at the pins and the next I was looking at the faces of my family who couldn’t decide whether to laugh or be concerned! All I could do was laugh. So much for my great bowling comeback!! Thankfully, I didn’t hurt myself other than I’m a bit sore. Those wooden floors don’t have much bounce and they sure don’t have much slide!

Other than the clumsy first attempt, we had a great time. Our two year old granddaughter bowled with us and she did better than her Mimi! I am electing to use her process next time, bumpers and dragon guide! I need all the help I can get!


I love spending time with my family and with our family growing the time we spend together is more precious than ever. Every time I see our granddaughter, and it is often, I feel like she’s grown so much in that short period. She is always doing something new and her personality changes ever so slightly. I don’t want to miss a thing as she is growing and I love watching the little things she does like when she touches her mother’s cheek randomly as a sign of affection or how she pats her daddy’s arm, or how she gets the giggles when you ask her how high she can jump. 🙂 There is nothing more important than time with your family. Husband and I have made a pact that we were going to spend a more concentrated effort on just having more family time. With our daughter’s wedding in the Spring and our granddaughter growing, our family is more important than ever to us.

Call it being “mature,” call it the time of year, but I’m a little sentimental right now. I appreciate my family, love them for making my birthday so special and thank them for laughing with me and not at me! 😉

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