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Cookie Cutter Treatment

Last night our daughter was admitted into the hospital due to a severe flare due to her Crohn’s disease. She has been in excruciating pain for days not only with her stomach but with the other things that this horrible disease effects like the arthritis in her back, […]

Stink Bombs? What’s Next!?

It really scares me to think that people, in this case “the liberal left” are plotting terrorist attacks on the day of the inauguration. For a group of people who claim to be “tolerant and peace-loving” I am seeing so much intolerant talk and behavior. The term, “practice […]

For The Birds!!

Remember the Alfred Hitchcock movie, “The Birds?” In our family we joke about that movie because my husband absolutely hates it and anytime I want to poke fun at him,  I just reference to that movie and BAM, success! 😈 As for me, I love our little feathered […]

It Feels Good to Purge!

This past weekend I did some purging. I cleaned out my closet! It was something that I have needed to do for years, but I’ve put it off because well let’s be honest, there’s always something better to do! I just couldn’t take it anymore and if we are […]