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For The Birds!!

Remember the Alfred Hitchcock movie, “The Birds?” In our family we joke about that movie because my husband absolutely hates it and anytime I want to poke fun at him,  I just reference to that movie and BAM, success! 😈 As for me, I love our little feathered friends. Actually quite fascinated with them and enjoy watching them.

Today though seemed like a scene from that movie.  I had been laying in bed due to not feeling well and I hear a random bang against one of the bedroom windows. Instead of getting up, (like I said, not feeling well) I look on our security cameras to make sure everything is ok…seems so. But then I hear another bang, so I drag myself out of bed and go look….not only do I see that the trees behind the house are full of birds, (cue scary music) I also see that there is a beautiful cedar waxwing laying still below the window. 😞 After going out and checking on my little feathered friend I found he broke his neck. My heart broke. I buried the little guy in my flower bed, underneath the watchful eyes of his friends.

Shortly after another bird hit the window, though this one was only seemed stunned and flew away. Moments after this another hit the window and sadly this one broke its neck. I buried him next to his friend. I have had to bury two beautiful cedar waxwings, and I have heard others hit my windows, in the front of the house and back. As I am looking out my window right now there are birds in the trees, flying around the backyard, swooping down to the pool for a drink. I love watching them but I don’t want anymore getting hurt so I raised the blind and Elphie is on bird watching duty. Hopefully her feline skills will keep another bird from a untimely death.


In the front yard they are feasting on the berries in the bushes and playing in the birdbath, but every once in awhile one will fly into the front door (it’s glass but with wrought iron on it) or into one of the dining room windows. It’s absolutely crazy today!! I’ve never experienced this before with the birds in this area nor in any area we have lived. Does anyone have any advice or ideas on how to prevent anymore of our fine feathered friends demise?


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