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The Monologue That Broke “The View”


So I don’t watch “The View”  and I never have because 1. its hosts drive me crazy 2.  there is so many other brain stimulating things to do in that one hour! But I have watched the clip on YouTube that everyone is talking about regarding the Miss America segment with Miss Colorado regarding her monologue. In case you missed it:

Joy Behar reminds me of one of those old women who sits on their front porch and screams at the neighborhood kids all the time. She is an unhappy, unkind and ugly person. For her to be as ignorant about nurses and to make a statement like she did on her show proves that the entertainment industry is clueless of what goes on in the real world. They have no touch with reality. Well, that is until they need, say a NURSE!

In my life I have met some incredibly amazing nurses. They have held my hand when I was scared, when I was hurting, when I was in so much pain that I never thought relief would come. When I went through numerous surgeries and tests, the nurses were attentive, caring and compassionate. Nurses were there also cheering me on when I had my babies, encouraging me, making me feel mighty and powerful. They have comforted me when family has been ill, easing my mind when I had unanswered questions, or just making sure I was getting enough food and rest after long hours staying by a loved ones side.

Nurses have one of the hardest jobs if you ask me, they have to be everywhere at once, they have to be caring and compassionate, but professional at all times. They clean up disgusting messes, deal with rude, arrogant, violent people on a daily basis. They watch as a family loses a loved one and they hold you as you grieve. They hug you as you rejoice when a new life is brought into the world. They also have to defuse family drama when emotions run high. They are the first to see you when you walk into their office or ER, they are the ones that sees that your child is not getting enough breath or your spouse is having a heart attack. They are the decision makers, they make crucial decisions when it matters, and people like Joy Behar will be thankful for it.

So to those women on “The View,” next time you shoot your mouth off, think twice. Nurses are professionals, they save lives, just like doctors.

In case you haven’t seen Miss Colorado’s monologue, watch it. Then thank a nurse!

I thank the nurses I personally know, Meaghan, my cousin who is an ER nurse in Chicago. And to all my friends who have dedicated their lives to the noble profession of nursing.

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