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Fifty-One Years & Counting


Today is my birthday. I turned 51 and to be honest I feel no different than I did when I turned 50. I mean really, it’s no big deal. But the big 5.0. That one was a big one for me, whoa! Since I can’t do anything about it,  I decided to embrace it and now that I have for the past year, I actually am enjoying my fifties. See there are some very cool things that come with crossing that mid century mark and in the last year I have found that it’s much more satisfying than I believed it could ever be! Things like:

  1. I can pretty much say what I want and if you don’t like it, I don’t really care. With age comes the attitude “its my opinion, like it or leave it.”
  2. I am resolved to the fact that I will never again have the figure I had when I was 18, and I’m cool with that.
  3. Drama is for the theater, not for my life.
  4. “Less is more” applies to more than just makeup.
  5. Hearing “I love you” from your grandchild is more precious than any gemstone!
  6. Working for what you want and earning it is a very satisfying feeling, something I fear young people today are not learning.
  7. Don’t wait to use the “good” stuff. Use it now!
  8. Living in fear is never the answer, instead live wisely!
  9. Love unconditionally, remember 1 Corinthians 13
  10. Be proud of who you are and who you have become. God made me as I am for a reason, all I need to do is be me.


And that my friends, is exactly what I have been doing, being me. It is one of the nice things about getting older, you do get wiser. But…..let’s not fool anyone, there is plenty that kinda stinks about it too!

  1. Every time you cough/sneeze or laugh too hard you pee! 😁 (Thank you to my kids.)
  2. You are called “ma’am” by people who only look ten years younger than you!
  3. Your boobs start to sag so far south that taking off your bra you fear they may hit the floor! 😝
  4. Walking into a room and then forgetting why you went in there. All.the.time.
  5. Realizing that after all these years trying not to be like her, you are just like your mother. 😊 Which wasn’t so bad after all! Love you, mom!😘

The good definitely outweighs the negative! I’ll just keep looking at the sunny side of being a “mature” woman and continue being me! As long as I keep having them, I’m going to enjoy them, birthdays that is! 😉

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