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It Feels Good to Purge!

This past weekend I did some purging. I cleaned out my closet! It was something that I have needed to do for years, but I’ve put it off because well let’s be honest, there’s always something better to do! I just couldn’t take it anymore and if we are being real, I could hardly get in there to see what I had anymore! Pretty sad when you have a huge walk-in closet!!

I love clothes, shoes and handbags so I tend to hoard those things and have a hard time separating from them. But there comes a time when you have to bite the bullet and purge, no matter how hard it may seem. They say the first cut is the hardest and it’s so true. I started with handbags. If you know me you know I have a nice collection of designer handbags that I have accumulated thru the years. I don’t need them, but I do like having them. Some I use only on special occasions, others I rotate in and out for daily use. Most have been gifts from my hubby for special occasions so they have special meanings to me. Yes, handbags can be sentimental too. But as hard as it was, I made that first cut, I sorted thru my lovelies and selected some to donate. It hurt but I survived. Then I moved on to shoes…another love of mine, but I noticed as I went thru my vast collection it wasn’t as painful weeding thru those as I have found that I prefer comfort as much as I do style these days, so high heels pretty much were goners. Well, except for those sexy red pumps! 😉

It was getting so much easier by the time I got to the clothes that I was ripping things off the hangers in record speed. My theory was if I haven’t worn it in the last year, it went to the donate pile. I was amazed at how many items I had kept just thinking I’d wear again and had never touched it again in years. Some items still had the tags on them! 🙄 By the time I went through my whole closet I ended up with five lawn size garbage bags filled! 😳


Now when I walk into my closet I can actually see what I have, it’s organized and I actually have found new outfits that I can put together! I’m taking all the items I purged to donate to a local charity which also makes me feel good. It’s a win win all around!

Definition of purge
1: an act or instance of ridding of what is unwanted

Maybe there is something in your life that is holding you back right now, something like a closet filled with too many things that you need to purge. Whatever your “thing” is, maybe now is a good time to purge. Start the new year out with a feeling of renewal. You’ll be glad you did, I know for me the closet was only the beginning!! 🤗

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  1. It does feel good. Even if you don’t have a big walk in closet. I love seeing you on my FB everyday. I look forward to you. Bow I’m down 17 lbs. And working out at the gym 5 days a week. Just want to share with you.


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