My Weight Journey

First Week Down!!


It’s amazing what one week can do when you are focused! Starting this new program last Sunday, I was nervous but excited and extremely hopeful. I wasn’t disappointed as I stepped on the scales this morning for my “official” weigh in and found that I was down 11 lbs.!!! Have to admit, did a little happy dance right there in my bathroom, with the only witnesses being Sampson, my papillon and Elphie, the cat. Though they didn’t seem impressed. 😊

But I’m impressed. Impressed not only with the weight loss, but with the level of energy I have and the way I’m feeling, which is good!! I haven’t felt “good” in a long time so this is amazing! Many of you know my health issues, Fibromyalgia, Crohn’s Disease and the debilitating migraines that I have suffered from for the last 25+ years. My goal is to not only lose weight but become the healthiest I can be and this includes hopefully getting these things under control or gone and off the medications I have to take for them.

So I have a FitBit, using MyFitnessPal to keep track of my meals, and have an awesome support team at my ready! It took something devasting like my fathers stroke for me to realize I had to do something for myself now or it might be to late. I have a lot to live for and I plan on living it!

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