My Weight Journey

You’ve Asked, I’m Telling!

You Asked For It 450

A lot of you have been asking me, “What is this program you are talking about?” Well, let me tell you it’s not one of those you see advertised on TV, repeatedly, day after day promising you miracles. Matter of fact, if you were to name every program that advertises on television, I’ll tell you how it didn’t work for me. I’m not knocking these programs, I know many who have used them and had great success, but for me, they just didn’t click.

So, what did click? The Keto Diet! Nothing fancy, no special fanfare, no meetings, (thank heaven :P) and so very easy to do with great results, fast! The Keto Diet is well known for being a low carb diet. Because I am still learning I’m going to steer you to this great website for reference with loads of information from getting started to recipes and beyond!!

A Begginer’s Guide to the Keto Diet

Why am I so amped about this diet? One reason, its so simple! It clicked with me and the proof is showing, on the scale, I have energy and I feel good. And that my friends, is why I am so pumped about this diet plan.

Go visit the website above, then if you are interested in joining me and others as we begin this “feeling good” journey, I am going to start a FaceBook page so we can encourage each other along the path!! A place to share recipes, support and develop lasting friendships! If you’d be interested in this say so in the comments.

Look forward to hearing from you! – Sherry

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