My Weight Journey

Traveling, Diets, Oh My!


This past weekend I made a trip to check on my dad who is recovering from a massive stroke. Between traveling and stress I was worried about keeping up with my program like I do at home. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, but not as easy as it could be either. I am still learning as I’m only in my 4th week of this program and need to find some tricks to use for future trips. I was very cautious checking food on My Fitness Pal when we ate out and almost every place we ate at was already listed on the site, (if you don’t use My Fitness Pal yet, you need too)! A few times I had to be creative, but that’s pretty easy with this app because someone somewhere has already been there, done that before you!

Here’s a few tips I learned on this trip:

  • Before I left I stashed a ziplock bag of snack sized Slim Jim’s in my purse for that emergency snack, when I needed a protein lift! Believe me, it came in handy a few times!
  • When ordering at places like Five Guys (this was my personal experience) it maybe easier to just order the burger and take off the bun yourself. I placed my order as such, “Cheeseburger, no bun, on lettuce only.” It took my repeating this five times before the employee understood I just wanted a burger with no bun. But as I watched they still put it on a bun! LOL
  • Restaurants will be happy to leave off anything you ask. If a restaurant normally brings chips or rolls to the table, tell them you don’t want them. Keep the temptation away.
  • Also make substitutions for any sides for those that are more diet friendly. Ex: I always trade for a side salad, no croutons with dressing on the side and grilled veggies.
  •  Drink lots of water! I didn’t drink as much as I do when I am at home. I paid for it.

When I returned home and weighed I had actually gained back 2 lbs. Considering this was my first trip while on the program and all the stress I am under, I feel I did great! I’ve already lost that 2 lb gain, and am back on track. I’m learning each and every day what works for me and my body.

If you have any good traveling diet tips, please share!!

Live, Laugh, & Eat Healthy!

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